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Platinum Health Supply Group & Veterans Community Social Impact

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Platinum Health Supply Group has invested over $1,500,000 into creating employment opportunities for Veterans. 

Currently, Platinum Health Supply Group has invested over $1,500,000 into creating employment opportunities for Veterans. These various investments have been able to establish and create sustainable employment opportunities for the Veteran Community within Platinum Health Supply Group and its clientele. Internally, we have a Veteran Employment Support Coordinator (VESC) to help veterans on-boarding to Platinum Health Supply Group take 

full advantage of their entitlements and ensure their transition into the civilian workplace is as smooth as possible. The VESC helps find employment opportunities within our Clientele's organisation. From there, we then promote the employment opportunities to our Veteran recruitment partners as well as on our website. Currently in development is a free resource available to our clientele that will summarise benefits and show just how valuable veterans can be to your organisation. For example did you know that ADF members are entitled to 23 days paid work experience to assist with their career transition. These amazing initiatives allow Veterans to gain experience in new industries as well as Organisations to see truly how valuable Veterans can be without the commercial commitments.

Creating Employment Opportunities

Over $1.5 Million Contributed to Veteran Employment.

Silver Sponsors of the Prime Ministers Veteran Employment Awards 2021

Ongoing Support For Veterans

Platinum Health & Starlight Partnership

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Platinum Health’s aim is to help the Starlight foundation through its customers

In an effort to put smiles on the faces of kids whose battles to be well simply can’t be put on hold – even during a pandemic. 

It's all about granting wishes, and our wish is that these masks will provide not just protection for sick kids but also a happy distraction from the pain, loneliness, boredom, sadness and frustration that long, stressful hospital stays spell for kids and their families. 

That's what makes our Starlight partnership so important and exciting – we truly believe we can make a phenomenal difference. Starlight Children’s Foundation's partnerships with health professionals have provided 'total care' of children, reigniting the childhood wonder and delight that serious illnesses take away. Our goals and a shared vision for a healthier future are ideally aligned, and we couldn’t be more elated that Platinum Health Supply Group will now be one of Starlight's trusted partners.

Together, we can deliver not just critical supplies, but something even more special – HOPE.

Over $50,000 Contributed to Starlight Children's Foundation.

Starlight Children's Silver Partner Since 2020

Ongoing Support For Starlight Children's Foundation

Licensed Starlight Brand Merchandise Partner