***Customers who have not received their order please read.***

Platinum Health would like to thank all of their wonderful customers over the last few weeks in what seems like the most chaotic period of business since the pandemic began. The last two weeks have been the busiest our business has ever been and we’ve had to adapt drastically to support the community. We have reached out to the government in a plea to assist us with a shortage of staff due to Covid-19 spreading like wildfire, however due to the current code red within Victoria there is no governmental assistance available.

We created a set of questions below that you may be asking and have had no answers for.

Please read:

Do you have enough stock or have you oversold?

No. We have ensured sufficient stock to be available for all orders.


I have ordered stock from you in the last two weeks and have still not received it, why?

Rest assured we are working around the clock to get your orders out. We have contacted agencies to assist with the shortages of staff and have organised 24 hour operations to ensure your order is getting out as soon as possible.

We have been planning operations since the 19th of December when the initial rush occurred with our freight partners to ensure that we do our best. There have also been limitations due to the Christmas/New Year holiday period that major companies take (which we definitely did not partake in this year).

We are currently processing & dispatching 5,000 orders a day. In addition to limitations of staff we have also faced limitations on pallets/cages, satchels and other packaging supplies to enable us to have orders dispatched immediately.


What Stock Will I Get Sent?

At this current moment in time we have adequate levels of stock to service every order for our nasal tests. The saliva tests were prioritised to the governments national stockpile, however we are offering the nasal test to all our customers as an alternative.

We are upgrading all orders to a PREMIUM EXPRESS SHIPPING, FREE OF CHARGE.


This order has taken too long, how do I get a refund?

There are a few ways.


- Contact us through Facebook/Instagram

- Send an email to customercare@platinumhealthsupply.com.au

All you need to do is provide your order number.

 We urge our customers to be patient with us. We are doing our absolute best to ensure you get your stock as quickly as possible. We have completely closed all sales of rapid antigen tests to prioritise our current orders. 

Please allow 24-48 hours for one of our customer service representatives to get back to you.

Warm Regards,
Platinum Health Supply Group Senior Management Team.