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Product Description:

Our Nitrile examination gloves eliminates the potential for allergic reactions to latex gloves because they do not contain proteins found in natural rubber. They offer three times the puncture resistance of latex gloves of comparable thickness. They also provide greater resistance to blood borne pathogens. PROTECTS users and patients from transmission of infections. With the NEWLY DEVELOPED MATERIAL, Coral Nitrile Gloves feels SOFT and LIGHT. The elastic material offers highest wearing comfort and a maximum SENSE OF TOUCH. The structured fingertips always guarantee a SURE GRIP, even in moist environment.

Meet or exceed TGA standards, ASTM D6319, ASTM D6978 (4.6gm), EN 455, USFDA, ISO 11193

This product expires on October 2024

Product Benefits:

  • Box of 100 Gloves
  • Three times more puncture resistant than latex gloves
  • Soft and light feel
  • High wearing comfort
  • Maximum sense of touch
  • Structured fingertips for a sure grip


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Box Quantity

Carton Quantity



100 pcs

1000 pcs



100 pcs

1000 pcs



100 pcs

1000 pcs


Extra Large

100 pcs

1000 pcs


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