Force360 Redback Latex Glove Food Industry Spec



General Description:

Platinum Health Supply Group’s Range of Hand Protection offers affordable and comfortable protection in all environments. The Force Performance Range (FPR) from Force360 have been designed and developed in Australia and incorporates the latest technologies and materials in their construction. The FPR110 Redback with Crinkle Cut latex offers a soft flexible grip with exceptional durability.

Product Size:

  • 1 Pair Per Hang Cell
  • 12 Pairs Per Inner Pack
  • 72 Pairs Per Carton
  • Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large

General Features:

  • Nylon spandex liner enhances user flexibility and comfort
  • Knitted 15 gauge liner allows for exceptional dexterity for performing intricate handling duties
  • Latex coating is ultra-lightweight and provides a powerful and flexible grip. The component materials in this coating comply with relevant federal regulations for food contact
  • Back of hand breathability for comfort
  • Perfect form, fit and comfort is achieved through Force360’s unique knit pattern that mimics a ‘hand at rest’, minimizing hand fatigue
  • UPF50+ offering maximum sun protection The Actifresh Sanitized treatment neutralizes odour creating bacteria ensuring the gloves are kept fresher for longer.

Key Technologies:

  1. Food Safe:
  • The components of this glove are food contact approved according to Directive 2002/72EC for safe handling of meats, fish, shellfish and vegetables.
  1. Actifresh:
  • The Actifresh Sanitized treatment neutralizes odour creating bacteria. Gloves are kept fresher for longer. Actifresh resists UV degradation and maximizes product longevity.
  1. Hand at Rest:
  • Perfect form, fit and comfort is achieved through Force360’s unique knit pattern that mimics a ‘hand at rest’, minimizing hand fatigue.

Certification and compliance:

Unknown to most people, gloves in Australia are almost always sold as compliant to European Standards. They will show a European Standards mark and mechanical score for example -‘EN388 4542X’.

They may state in their literature ‘Compliant to European Standards’ or ‘meets European Standards’. This is NOT the same as being certified to European Standards. Compliant gloves can be simply marked with a particular cut level score of 5 or F for example; and the wearer must accept this claim.

No further proof or validation from the glove manufacturer is required. For Force360 this is not acceptable. Hand injuries are commonplace and simply making compliance claims is just not enough to guarantee a glove’s mechanical score, or it’s protection level. Asking a trusted and independent notifying body to certify the mechanical scores, guarantees that the scores are accurate and performance will meet this certification.

Force360 has entrusted SAI Global, the worlds’ leading Standards Certifier to ensure that all mechanical scores are validated. This certification process ensures manufacturing processes and facilities, test certificates, and the product itself are audited & scrutinized so that all claims are accurate.

The notifying body in affect becomes a gatekeeper of hand protection for the wearer. Force360’s entire hand protection range is certified by SAI Global to the latest European and Australian Standards. Certified products must show a license number issued by the notifying body in addition to the EN388 mechanical scores.

More Questions:

Still unsure if this product is right for your intended use? Get in contact with one of our Clinical Professionals via the contact us page.

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