Leukomed® Control Sterile 7cm x 10cm


General Description:

BSN Medical Leukomed® Control combines a highly innovative hydro polymer technology with the protective and fully transparent benefits of the Leukomed film. This advanced Post-Op dressing makes early detection of wound infection possible without lifting or changing it.

Leukomed® Control provides ideal healing conditions by creating an optimal moisture level and adapting to skin’s elasticity. The dressing puts medical caregivers in control of the healing progress and allows for quick mobilization of the patient.


  • Transparent, visual control to assess therapeutic wound progress
  • Unique application via simple step-by-step technique allows for precise placement and quick wound protection
  • A thin and absorbent hydro polymer pad keeps the wound clean and ready for epithelialization
  • Ultra-thin, highly breathable, and conformable film for a second skin feeling

More Questions:

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