Miltom Combi 2 in 1 Steriliser Starter Kit


General Description:

The NEW Milton 2 in 1 Combi Sterilisation Kit contains all the items required for you to immediately sterilise breastfeeding equipment and baby’s accessories. The large 5 litre Combi Microwave Steriliser unit can fit 5 wide-neck bottles of any brand. It provides busy parents with a safe, easy and simple way to disinfect, sanitise and store baby’s items so they are ready to use on demand – especially in the middle of the night!

The BPA-free microwave unit features Unique safety-vent technology that increases the temperature inside the unit for better microwave sterilisation. When closed it is virtually spill free due to the unique seal on the lid, and features a convenient carry handle.


  • Milton Combi Steriliser Unit with unique safety vent technology & sub-merger place
  • Antibacterial 30 Tabs (valued at $7.99)
  • Plastic tongs to safely remove products

The Milton 2 in 1 Combi Sterlisation Starter Kit contains all the items required for you to immediately sterilise baby’s items.



Immediately after use, separate components and rinse with cold water. Thoroughly wash items with warm water and detergent. Ensure you squeeze soapy water through hard to reach areas such as teat holes and rinse.


Add 50ml (2 1/2 capfuls) of the Milton Solution or 2 Milton Tablets per 4 litres of clean cold water into the Milton Method Unit. After squirting made-up solution through the teat holes, completely immerse all items, covering items with the white sub merger plate or a china plate to eliminate air bubbles. Secure lid.


After soaking items for a minimum of 15 minutes, you items are hygienically stored and ready for use on demand. Wash hands, remove items and shake off excess solution before using immediately. The made-up solution should be renewed every 24hrs, after washing container in warm water and detergent.

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