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Product Description:

Mepitel Film is a gentle, sterile, transparent, breathable film dressing. The film dressing is supported with a paper frame for ease of application.

Mepitel Film consists of:

  • A silicone coated paper frame
  • A breathable and waterproof polyurethane film 
  • Asoft silicone (Safetac)
  • An embossed polypropylene film release liner


Areas of Use:

Mepitel Film is intended to protect fragile and sensitive skin and minimize risk of skin breakdown. It can be used as secondary dressing, fixating e.g. gauze or nonwoven swabs or as a landing zone for aggressive tapes to secure devices to skin. It can be used as a protective dressing over IV sites when the IV device is secured through adhesive tape or sutures.


More Information:



Box Quantity


6x7cm 10


10x12cm 10


10x25cm 10


15x20cm 10


More Questions:

Still unsure if this product is right for your intended use? Get in contact with one of our Clinical Professionals via the contact us page.

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