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Platinum Health Supply Group Is Now ISO 9001 Certifed!

Ritz Aguspina | October 10, 2023
Platinum Health Supply Group Is Now ISO 9001 Certifed!

ISO 9001: What it means for us and you.

Platinum Health Supply Group has been awarded the ISO 9001 certification; you may not have heard of it, but you’ve probably used one of the millions of organisations and companies that boast its certificate across over 100 countries. ISO accreditation is effectively the international standard for quality management systems, given to companies that are found to have no severe issues; these certificates are usually renewed after three years.

Does ISO-certified mean better?

The ISO 9001 accreditation is only given after a successful audit by an independent certification body, working on behalf of the International Organisation of Standards (ISO). Thus, reaching the criteria for ISO 9001 can be considered a sign of quality, or at least of a commitment to quality – it can be seen as showing a company’s devotion to their goals, as well as the customers' needs and satisfaction. Ultimately, quality control is key to any organisation of any kind, and it’s always important to guarantee that your services are at a high standard.

How is Platinum operating?

Platinum Health Supply Group has a strong commitment to achieving its goals and reaching the high standards expected of an ISO 9001 company in such an important field – standards we have consistently proven with our commitment to health and sustainability. The accreditation is essentially a guide towards meeting the expectations of our customers, as well as maintaining and building upon our success so far. To that end, it is a bar to keep setting higher – a standard that we always hope to meet, and even exceed.

What benefits will we see?

Under ISO 9001, we have the means and the drive to improve our products, our services, and everything in-between. For example, continually refining our processes will mean that our local-made medical supplies will be able to be produced more efficiently. A quality management system is the best way to make sure that we help more people, and help them as much as we can; for efficiency, safety, and quality, ISO 9001 is invaluable for any business.