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Platinum Health Supply Group Partners With Starlight Children's Foundation

Ritz Aguspina | October 10, 2023
Platinum Health Supply Group Partners With Starlight Children's Foundation
As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to plague the planet, the availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks remains an important measure when it comes to preventing the spread of the virus and keeping communities healthy.

Already, we’ve proudly supplied the Australian Government plus Aged Care and Education sectors with over 60 million PPE units, but now, we’ve embarked on what we believe is our most important partnership yet – with Starlight Children’s Foundation!

As part of our dedication to improving the lives of Aussies (no matter how small they may be), the next 18 months will see Platinum Health Supply donate to Starlight 1.5% of gross sales from each box of 50 face masks sold - funds that will help seriously ill children and their families.

Our goal? To enter 2021 having raised $1,000,000 that will help Starlight to do what they do best: bring happiness, fun and laughter to kids whose lives have been impacted by serious illness.

Of course, as well as working hard to put protective gear in the hands of Aussies while raising funds, we’ll also be delivering cheery, colourful masks to various hospitals in an effort to put smiles on the faces of kids whose battles to be well simply can’t be put on hold – even during a pandemic.

It's all about granting wishes, and our wish is that these masks will provide not just protection for sick kids but also a happy distraction from the pain, loneliness, boredom, sadness and frustration that long, stressful hospital stays spell for kids and their families. That's what makes our Starlight partnership so important and exciting – we truly believe we can make a phenomenal difference.

For over 30 years, Starlight Children’s Foundation's partnerships with health professionals have provided 'total care' of children, reigniting the childhood wonder and delight that serious illnesses take away. Our goals and a shared vision for a healthier future are ideally aligned, and we couldn’t be more elated that Platinum Health Supply Group will now be one of Starlight's trusted partners.

Together, we can deliver not just critical supplies, but something even more special – hope.