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The Sterilisation Wrap Shortage Caused By COVID-19

Ritz Aguspina | October 12, 2023
The Sterilisation Wrap Shortage Caused By COVID-19
Since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, there is almost nothing that hasn't been affected by this turbulent health crisis. The availability of sterilisation wraps makes it to this list as the medical sector in Australia has seen a vast shortage of these vital materials.

What are sterilisation wraps?

Sterilisation wraps are used predominantly as a solution that packages medical and theatre instruments to protect them from any kind of contamination. Following the wraps shortage being bought to medical staff's attention, they have been desperately seeking other alternatives in a bid not to have to postpone surgical operations.

An extensive amount of surgical procedures have already had to be put on hold due to Covid-19 related issues, and this sterilisation wrap shortage has exacerbated the situation further. Covid-19 demand for this valuable kind of material has seen the ability to use it for other purposes, such as surgery, plummet.

Is there an alternative for sterile wraps?

A sterilisation wrap is a thick, paper-like material, often blue in colour, which is used to wrap trays of instruments. They are then placed into a pressure sterilisation machine which sees temperatures of around 130°C. Some surgical gowns are also made of this kind of fabric.

As such, finding an alternative for sterile wraps in the medical industry is not a simple matter. Any alternative material that hospitals seek to use must be cleared by the TGA as suitable sterilisation packaging. It also must undergo appropriate testing before use, and all users require education on how to properly use the products. As an issue that has affected both private and public sectors, hospitals have had to ration any wraps they manage to obtain and committees have strived to keep cancellation of surgeries as an absolute final option.

Platinum Health Supply Group is providing medical-grade sterilisation wraps which are helping to alleviate the wraps shortage in Australia. Our Australian-made sterile wraps are fulfilling current market needs and through purchase from us, help to benefit the Australian economy as a locally made product.