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  • While a mobility scooter offers increased independence and can reduce social isolation, as with any mobility aid there are safety aspects to be aware of.
  • Using a scooter safety means knowing how to operate it, understanding where you can use it, and ensuring you consider other pedestrians and road users.
  • A mobility scooter flag will give you increased visibility for drivers and pedestrians and can help to reduce accidents.
  • When mounted to your mobility scooter, a safety flag helps to alert others of your approach and is recommended for all mobility scooter users.
  • A mobility scooter safety flag is especially helpful when using busy walkways or in areas where parked cars reduce visibility at pedestrian’s crossings.


  • The Aspire Scooter flag is a necessity when it comes to mobility scooter safety.
  • Long flexibility bright orange flag makes rider more visible to people on the pavement.




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Aspire Mobility Scooter Flag


1 Unit Each

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