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In hospitals and clinics, Medical Shoe Covers usage is mandatory, the covers are for use in sterile environments. Medical shoe covers are also be used during cleaning, home shows, or other occasions where you wish to protect your surroundings from dirt or wear caused by shoes.

These durable, single-use medical shoe covers come in varying levels of protection depending on the needs of the user. They have a non-slip bottom to help provide traction and protect their wearers from slips and disasters that other medical shoe covers may lack. These Medical Shoe Covers One-size-fits-all up to men’s size 12, regular size. The polypropylene shoe covers are made from breathable, fluid-repellent material.

Product Size:

100 units per sleeve

10 x Sleeves for carton

1000 units per carton

Medical Compliance:

Not a medical listed product

General Features:

  • Anti-skid, gripping bottom
  • One-size-fits-all up to men’s size 12, regular size
  • Made from 100% spun bonded polypropylene
  • surgery operating room safe
  • Breathable, Fluid-Repellent, Durable
  • Length 40cm, Width 16cm
  • Medical-Grade – cleanroom surgery operating room safe

Areas of use:      

This water-resistant shoe cover can be used for nurses, medical staff, for laboratories, food manufacturing and processing, general industry, maintenance/cleaning, pharmaceutical, and for protection for floors, carpets, tiles against dirt and grime.

Technical Information:

5 Years (valid from manufacturing date). Made from 100% spun bonded polypropylene

More Questions:

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