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Egozite Cradle Cap Lotion is a gentle keratolytic lotion that helps loosen and remove the crusts of the cradle cap. Egozite Cradle Cap Lotion is oil based to provide a softening action that helps to increase the effectiveness of the product.


  • The crust usually starts loosening in 2-5 days.
  • The oil base of Egozite Cradle Cap Lotion provides a softening action to increase the effectiveness of the product.

What Does It Do?

Loosens Crusts Removes Cradle Cap


  • Treatment of cradle cap.
  • Apply to crust only avoiding non-crusted areas.
  • Do remove crusts forcibly.

Common Uses:

Cradle Cap

How To Use:

Ensure the scalp is dry. Carefully apply to crusts only avoiding non-crusted areas. Wipe away any lotion from non-crusted areas With dry cotton wool. Do not comb or remove crusts forcibly. Apply twice daily for 3-5 days Without washing hair, then wash hair With a gentle Shampoo. Avoid soap as it may irritate. Continue using Egozite Cradle Cap Lotion on any remaining crusts twice daily. Occasionally some hair may loosen With crusts. Healthy new hair growth will follow.


Salicylic acid 6% w/w


For external use only. Avoid eyes. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply to reddened or non-crusted areas. If irritation occurs, was affected, and discontinue use.

Storage & Disposal:

Store Below 30 Degrees Celsius

More Questions:

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