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Enzyme Wizard Drain Odour Eliminator & Maintainer works naturally to help break down organic matter. This helps improve drain performance.

  • Easy single dose application.
  • Safely cleans clogged and problem drains, including floor drains, beverage tower drains, urinals and commodes.
  • Will not generate heat or corrode plumbing.
  • Naturally clears pipes and drains
  • Deodorizes by attacking the organic source of odours.


Features and Benefits:

  • A more sustainable cleaner. Enzymes are readily biodegradable.
  • Having the broad spectrum of enzymes, ensures the breaking down of all the organic matter in the drain
  • Improved performance. The synergistic effect of combining several enzymes results in improved drain efficiency beyond what single enzymes and traditional surfactants can achieve.
  • Energy-efficient product, ensuring the elimination of odours deep into the drain pipe and opening up drain lines ensuring free flow, without the need for a expensive equipment.
  • Enzyme cleaners are naturally occurring elements so they are “Planet-Safe”, as well as being plant based and won’t affect natural bacteria in the sewer system.
  • Safely clears drains without toxic bleach or chlorine


How to Use:

Blocked or Stopped Drains:
Pour 200ml into drain that needs treatment. The enzymes need time to breakdown the organic matter, so apply the product at night so that the enzymes can go to work without being diluted. Please note don’t put any liquid down the drain as this will dilute the enzyme down and reduce the efficacy.

For blocked or stopped drains pour Enzyme Wizard Drain Odour Eliminator & Maintainer into the drain daily until drain is unblocked. For problem drains, dose the drain twice weekly as a maintenance dose once drain has been cleared. If there are odours coming out of the drain, dose the drain until the odour has gone.

For Shower drains, even though there is hair that blocks the drain, the enzyme will break down the soap scum as well as the body oils that hold the hair together. Once the soap scum and body oils have been broken down, the hair will dislodge and move down the drain. In this case multiple doses will be required as one does not know the extent of the blockage  

Drain Maintenance:
In most cases the product can be used as a drain maintainer after a blocked drain has been opened by a professional plumber. The product can be applied twice weekly – this will stop the drain from blocking up again and prevent foul odours from coming up from the drain. (Old pipes narrow over time which leads to frequent blocking of drains)


More Questions:

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