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Enzyme Wizard Grease & Waste Digester - works naturally to help break down waste and grease. This helps improve grease trap performance.

  • Easy single dose application.
  • Safely cleans clogged and problem drains, including floor drains, beverage tower drains, urinals and commodes.
  • Will not generate heat or corrode plumbing.
  • Naturally clears pipes and drains
  • Deodorizes by attacking the organic source of odours.


Features and Benefits:

  • A more sustainable cleaner. Enzymes are readily biodegradable.
  • Having the broad spectrum of enzymes, ensures the breaking down of all the organic matter in a grease trap from FOG’S, to starch to sugars
  • Improved performance. The synergistic effect of combining several enzymes results in improved grease trap efficiency beyond what single enzymes and traditional surfactants can achieve.
  • Energy-efficient product, ensuring the elimination of odours deep into the drain pipe and opening up drain lines ensuring free flow, without the need for a expensive equipment.
  • Enzyme cleaners are naturally occurring elements so they are “Planet-Safe”, as well as being plant based and won’t affect natural bacteria in the sewer system.
  • Safely clears drains without toxic bleach or chlorine.


How to Use:

Start up Application Directions:

  1. Initially pump out Grease trap. Once grease trap is clean then add Grease and Waste digestor directly into grease trap at a rate of 120ml per 370L of grease trap.
  2. Then dose Grease Trap with above dosages every three days, at the closest inlet to the grease trap.
  3. If there are odours coming out of the drains leading to the grease trap then dose down the drains that lead to the trap.


  1. Maintain the Grease trap by dosing the recommended dosages as per the Directions.


More Questions:

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