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Product Description:

Introducing the Kleenex Everyday Plus Large'N'Thick, the ultimate facial tissue that goes above and beyond to give you the luxurious comfort and gentle care your delicate skin deserves. From the renowned brand Kleenex, this product is designed to elevate your everyday tissue experience like never before.

With its large and thick design, these tissues are specifically crafted to provide you with extra absorbency and durability, making them perfect for any occasion or season. Whether you are battling a cold, need a quick touch-up, or simply want to pamper yourself, the Kleenex Everyday Plus Large'N'Thick is here to cater to your every need.

Not only do these tissues offer exceptional softness and strength, but they are also dermatologically tested to ensure the utmost care for your skin. Each tissue is made with high-quality materials, providing a gentle touch that won't irritate or leave your skin feeling dry.

Experience the premium quality and reliability of the Kleenex Everyday Plus Large'N'Thick, the perfect companion to keep you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day. Choose Kleenex, choose unmatched luxuriousness and gentle care for your facial tissue needs.


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