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Our three-drawer free standing treatment couch is the workhorse of any clinic. Flat packed with a simple & quick assembly this couch is a popular choice.                              


  • Robust
  • New lift and lock mechanism for easy 2-minute assembly
  • Lift-up backrest for assessment
  • Non-face hole model only
  • Three drawers with simple assembly
  • Flat packed to save on freight  


  • Total Length: 195cm
  • Width: 71cm
  • Height: 82cm
  • Drawer: 3
  • Weight Capacity: 280kg
  • Padding thickness 5cm
  • Foam Density: 36kg/m3
  • Upholstery: Heavy Duty PVC vinyl that is fire, stain, mildew, oil, water, and wear resistant
  • Certification: CE, FDA, ISO9001-2008, ISO 13485-2007

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