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iD Form Maxi shaped anatomical pads are ideal for individuals who experience moderate urinary incontinence and require assistance with toileting. iD Forms incontinence pads features double wetness indicator, double anti leak barrier, Dry Zone Technology and a cotton feel back sheet. The product’s high absorbency capacity ensures that you stay dry for longer and helps maintain your skin integrity. Recommend to use with iD Care Net Pants.

iD Form Maxi Features:

  • Anti-Leakage Protection - Integrated anti-leak cuffs made of waterproof material helps to prevent side leakage, maintaining security and discretion
  • Fast Absorption - Maximum fluid retention in a short time, offering extra dry feeling
  • Odour Control - Locks away odour for maximum freshness
  • Cotton Feel - A soft back sheet provides maximum comfort and discretion
  • Double Wetness Indicator - Acting as a guide to when to change the product
  • Dry Zone Technology - A Total Protection system, maximum fluid retention in a short time, offering an extra dry feeling, avoiding leakages, and odour control

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