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You can rest assured your liquid nitrogen will be safely stored inside our high performance 10L dewar with a safety lock lid and low liquid nitrogen consumption.



  • Made of a high-strength aluminium alloy
  • Advanced powder coating technology
  • Designed for low liquid nitrogen consumption
  • 5 year vacuum warranty
  • Each unit comes complete with safety lock lid, neck plug, leather (PU) bag & ladle


  • Capacity: 10L
  • Weight (empty): 6.0kg
  • Caliber (neck opening of dewar): 50mm
  • Outer diameter of dewar: 300mm
  • Height of dewar: 552mm
  • Static evaporation rate: 0.12L/d
  • Static holding time: 86 days
  • Ladle outer diameter: 38mm
  • Ladle height: 120mm
  • ladles per dewar:3~6
  • Warranty: 5 Years Vacuum, 2 Years Container

Straws holding capacity:

  • Single 120mm (0.5mL): 792pc
  • Single 120mm (0.25mL): 1788pc



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