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Product Description:

The MIC* Bolus G Feeding Tube is utilised for patients who are on a bolus feeding regimen. Also available in extension sets, the MIC* Bolus G Feeding Tube comes in many different sizes to ensure the right fit for the patient.

The MIC G feeding tube has a single Gastric ports with Enfit connector to access the stomach for delivery of enteral feeds, water flushed and medication. A separate balloon port is used to inflate the internal retention balloon.

Quality Features
The MIC* Bolus G Feeding Tube is made of a high clarity, medical-grade silicone, designed for visibility and drapability. Also featured is a patented universal connector, designed to preserve tube life and minimize unintentional disconnects. Additionally, an inflatable internal retention balloon is also part of the design to help with patient comfort. Compatible with ENFit Connectors.


Product Features:

  • Compatible with ENFit Connectors
  • Medical grade silicone construction
  • Recessed distal tube tip at the recommended fill volume
  • Inflatable silicone internal retention balloon
  • SECUR-LOK* external retention disc
  • Radiopaque stripe


More Questions:

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