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Product Description:

Melgisorb Plus is a soft, highly absorbent, sterile, single use dressing made of Calcium Sodium Alginate fibres. The alginate is hydrophillic and absorbs wound exudate. When absorbing exudate containing sodium ions, the solid alginate fibres quickly form a moist gel, which creates a moist environment beneficial for wound healing. When in contact with blood, Melgisorb Plus accelerates platelet aggregation, enhancing the haemostatic process. The gel can be easily removed from the fragile wound bed by irrigating with 0.9% saline. Melgisorb Plus is available as flat and as cavity dressing. 


Areas of Use:
Melgisorb Plus is intended for a wide range of moderately to heavily exuding wounds, both infected and non-infected such as: pressure sores, venous and arterial ulcers, diabetic ulcers, post-operative wounds, dermal lesions and other eternal wounds inflicted by trauma.


More Information:



Box Quantity


5x5cm 10


10x10cm 10


3x45 Rope 5


More Questions:

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