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Product Description:

Mepilex Ag consists of a Safetac® wound contact layer, a flexible absorbent pad of grey polyurethane foam containing silver sulphate and coloured by activated carbon and a breathable and water proof film.

Safetac is a proprietary adhesive technology developed by Mölnlycke that minimises pain to patients and trauma to intact skin or wounds.

Mepilex Ag is a highly conformable dressing that absorbs exudate and maintains a moist wound environment.

Mepilex Ag contains silver sulphate to create an effective bacterial barrier and inactivates a wide range of wound related pathogens (bacteria and fungi), shown in vitro. By reducing the number of microorganisms, Mepilex Ag may also reduce odour. Mepilex Ag has also been shown to inactivate wound related pathogens, up to 7 days in vitro.

Dressing material content: Polyurethane, silicone, silver sulphate which equals to 1.2 mg/cm² silver


Areas of Use:
Mepilex Ag is an antimicrobial soft silicone foam dressing that is designed for the management of low to moderately exuding leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and partial thickness burns. Mepilex Ag may be used on infected wounds as part of a treatment regimen under supervision of a qualified health care professional. Mepilex Ag can be used under compression bandaging.


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Box Quantity


15x15cm 5


20x50cm 2


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