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Helping keep hands cleaner, longer. SIQURA eXtreme hand sanitiser is a simple and effective way to clean hands, kill germs and keep your skin soft and healthy. It has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for use on children, around food, pets and plants. SIQURA eXtreme hand sanitiser is highly effective, meeting or exceeding EN1500, the standard used to demonstrate the efficacy of alcohol hand sanitisers. Unlike traditional alcohol based hand sanitisers, our unique QuatLock technology creates a long acting invisible microscopic layer on your skin which inhibits bacterial regrowth, keeping your skin cleaner, longer. You can use this hand sanitiser on dry hands, as well as a replacement for a normal soap - using it with water. This bottle will last up to 440 foaming applications. That's over 6 months worth of daily protection. If you are travelling, it's a great idea to reapply as needed. This 375ml foaming bottle is refillable with our 5L and 20L drums.

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