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A strong, reliable, and high-quality five-function tilting ICU hospital bed. Well-featured including removable boards, removable ABS side rails, drainage bag holders, iv pole & 125mm central lock castors. An ideal product for high-needs patients requiring long-term treatment with the tilting function allowing treatment of the nervous system with weakness, pain, and muscle spasm, and for auxiliary rehabilitation purposes such as  hemiplegia, paraplegia, and traumatic brain injury, and other severe patients to resume standing training

Tilting ICU Hospital Bed Features:

  • Electric operation by handset with integral function lockout
  • Electrically operated backrest, height & knee break angle
  • Backrest manual CPR release on both sides
  • Tilt inclinometer
  • Emergency stop button
  • Removable head & footboard
  • Patient handset & nurse control panel
  • Battery backup
  • Four ABS safety side rails
  • Four drainage bag holders on both sides
  • Durable patient belts
  • Heavy-duty IV pole
  • Auto contour simultaneous adjustment of backrest & knee break
  • 125mm heavy-duty central locking castors

Tilting ICU Hospital Bed Specification:

  • Overall length: 215cm
  • Overall width: 110cm
  • Height range: 52-76cm
  • Hoist clearance: 14cm
  • Mattress platform length: 195cm
  • Mattress platform width: 90cm
  • Backrest angle: 0-75 degrees
  • Knee break angle: 0-35 degrees
  • Leg angle: 0-20 degrees
  • Trendelenburg & reverse trendelenburg: 0-16 degrees & 0-13 degrees
  • Tilting angle: 0-85 degrees
  • SWL: 225KG
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Certification: CE, FDA, ISO13485-2016

Maintenance: Please make sure your bed is serviced yearly to ensure your bed functions to its optimum. Lubrication of pivot points and moving points on your bed must be done on a regular basis.

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