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The XFT-120C AED Trainer is designed for the basic first-aid training environment. Containing the standard features of an AED, the trainer is designed to teach the lay rescuer how to respond if presented with a Sudden Cardiac Emergency. With 10- training pre-configured training scenarios implemented within the device, allowing for realistic training and ensuring the rescuer is prepared for every circumstance.

  • Provides both Fully-automatic and Semi-automatic scenarios
  • Confirms if the pads have been connected correctly and the location of pads when used on a CPR Manikin
  • Compliant with current ANZCOR guidelines of 100-120bpm compression rate.
  • Beeping Metronome to ensure correct pace when performing compressions.

Trainer Includes.

  • 3x sets of Adult and Child pads
  • 1x set of Adult and Child leads
  • 240V Australian Compliant power supply
  • Soft Carry Case
  • Remote Control

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