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Different first-aid kits and their benefits

Ritz Aguspina | October 12, 2023
Different first-aid kits and their benefits
Having a first aid kit to hand at all times is essential, whether it's in the workplace or home. However, there is a wide range of kits on the market today which stock a variety of different items for all kinds of medical emergencies. With this in mind, we're going to take a look at some of the different first aid kits available at Platinum.


Workplace first-aid kits allow you to respond efficiently to any emergency and are accessible for all working environments – from office to retail settings. Building upon our standard kit, we also offer The Operator 5 Series and The Commander 6 Series kits which are comprehensive in scope, including low-adherent dressings, disposable dressing trays, and much more!

Platinum also caters to specific workplace issues, with a Biohazard Spill kit and Regulator Burn Series kit. Unique to industrial and office settings, these include a spectrum of burn dressings and bandages. Alternatively, our Regulator Remote Work kit is advantageous for workers who travel. This kit encompasses a 1-10 low-risk capacity.

Food Industry

All food industry kits ensure that workplace mishaps are dealt with safely, and include burn gels, rescue blankets, and instant ice packs as some of the key components. Alongside our standard Responder 4 Series kit, we also offer the Operator 5 Series, catering for 1-25 high-risk injuries, and the Commander 6 series kit which covers 1-50 high-risk cases.

Travel & Exploration

Different forms of travel encompass diverse risks which are peculiar to the occasion. Our Regulator Snake Bite and Spider Bite kits are great when travelling into Australia’s outback. Both include respective leaflets on instructions and relevant equipment to deal with injuries swiftly. Alternatively, our Defender 3 Series kit covers all outdoor-activities and comes in a weatherproof bag, making it suitable for all forms of travel.

Platinum doesn’t forget any situation and even has you covered for classic road safety issues with the Voyager 2 Series kit. Including a safety vest and warning triangle, you can attend to any injurious situation with maximum security.

At-Home Essentials

We have a diverse range of kits that allow you to deal with any injuries at-home efficiently. Our Everyday Minor and Voyager 2 Essentials kits are small and compact, containing all your essentials, from cleansing wipes to burn gel.

Also, Platinum service a Regulator Eyewash kit which is handy for all minor eye wounds, equipped with eye-pads and ampoule.