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What is the difference between Nitrile, Vinyl & Latex gloves?

Ritz Aguspina | October 10, 2023
What is the difference between Nitrile, Vinyl & Latex gloves?

The current Covid-19 pandemic has meant that glove-wearing has become the norm. Every month, over 80 million gloves are needed by Covid-19 health response teams across the world.

Gloves are an excellent way to protect your hands from coming into contact with the virus, as they can be disposed of immediately after use. Currently, the global demand for gloves is surpassing the global capacity of manufacturers, which is raising the price of gloves around the world. This is why the World Health Organisation has called for industries to increase PPE manufacturing by 40%. To learn more about the main types of gloves and how they are used in a medical setting, continue reading.

Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are a disposable glove made from synthetic rubber. Nitrile is resistant to chemicals and oil and can withstand very high temperatures without melting. As a material, it generally has more resistance to punctures than latex which is why it is a great choice. Nitrile gloves can be used for a range of medical tasks. They can be worn when treating patients or when completing messier jobs. They are also available in a range of thicknesses.

Vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves are made from PVC. This material is less elastic than nitrile and latex, which gives it a smooth feel and a looser fit on the hand. Having a medium resistance to chemicals, vinyl gloves are often used in the household and in workplaces to resistant against acids and alcohols. They are also food safe and contain no latex proteins which is great for those allergic to latex. The fit will conform to any hand size for great sensitivity.

Latex gloves

Latex is found both in nature and is made synthetically. Latex gloves come in a range of colours and sizes and provide a snug fit. Available in both powdered and un-powdered materials, latex gloves are very durable and can be used for a variety of medical tasks. They can be worn when working with strong acids or chemicals.

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