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Why are anti-fog visors vital for surgery?

Ritz Aguspina | October 10, 2023
Why are anti-fog visors vital for surgery?

Visors are a common sight in the age of the new normal, but in surgery, visor masks have always been a necessity to prevent contamination and transmission of disease. However, they have typically presented a number of challenges, chief of which is the tendency to fog.

Visors masks and the problem of fogging

Surgery can be a messy and complicated procedure. It's not uncommon for liquid or shards and splinters to hit the surgeons while performing procedures. This is where visors are essential, in protecting the surgeon's health and to ensure they can carry out their duties. However, steaming up of the visor mask as well as glasses and scopes remains a challenge.

Tilting a solution?

Several theories have been proposed about how to deal with fogging. In one study [https://publishing.rcseng.ac.uk/doi/full/10.1308/rcsbull.2016.164?trendmd-shared=1&], a control group of surgeons using visors in the traditional way perpendicular to the forehead was compared against a study group which had the visor angled 5-6cm away from the forehead. The temperature and humidity on the inside and outside of the masks were then measured and compared for both groups.

The study found that humidity levels on the inside of the visor can rise much higher when the shield sits closer to the face. This could be reduced from 80% relative humidity to almost 50% if the visor was kept a distance of 5-6cm away.

While this is useful, in application it can still present a problem during time-intensive surgeries if masks fail. A more secure solution is purpose-designed anti-fog masks which can avoid the necessity to interrupt surgery if masks have become dislodged or steamed inadvertently.

Anti-fog visors: the future of surgery?

Anti-fog visor masks have long been something of a myth in the world of surgery, but at Platinum Health Supply, we unveiled a new prototype of visor masks with anti-fog capabilities that stunned surgeons in the field.

Many current anti-fog masks on the market are based on having a fog filter which acts like a seal to block the escape of warm air. But the feedback we received was that these solutions still don't work effectively, often causing surgeons to remove the visor so they can complete the procedure.

At Platinum Health Supply, we have a viable alternative and are actively working with leading surgeons on how to address any challenges to ensure there is less risk of steaming while protecting the face from spillages and debris, and providing a comfortable, secure fit. Find out more about our PPE solutions today [https://www.platinumhealthsupply.com.au/collections].