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Effective, continuous patient warming helps managing the risk of hypothermia. It reduces surgical site infections and other complications, patient anxiety and recovery times. This means higher throughput of patients and saved resources.

BARRIER EasyWarm active self-warming blanket is the new patient warming solution that is simplicity itself. Once opened and unfolded, the blanket reaches operational temperature within 30 minutes and maintains an average temperature of 40°C for up to 10 hours.1

  • Helps prevent hypothermia in the peri-operative setting
  • Easy and quick set up to save time
  • Easy to use before, during and after surgery for efficient patient warming
  • Easily available to more patients thanks to no need for additional equipment

Product description

12 air activated warming pads (13cm x 10cm) integrated into pockets of the top layer.
Blanket size is 152cm x 92cm.

Where does the heat in the blanket come from?

The heat of the active self-warming blanket BARRIER EasyWarm is produced via an exothermic chemical reaction initiated by exposure to air, resulting from the oxidation of iron.
The contents of the warmers are all-natural: activated carbon, iron, water, salt, clay and the chemicals are securely contained in 12 separate pockets.
The pockets are designed and positioned to provide the maximum heat transfer in the most efficient manner. Average temperature of 40ºC is reached within 30 minutes; the maximum temperature will not exceed 43 ºC.


Several layers of SMS (polypropylene). The layers and pockets are sewn together with polyester/cotton threads.
The warming pads are made up of air permeable bags that contain active coal, clay, salt and iron powder.

Vacuum packed into an airtight polymer bag. The polymer bags are wrapped in bubble wrap and packed into a transport box.
10 single packed products in each transport box.

7 Boxes per Carton

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