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Plastic safety goggles are essential pieces of personal protective equipment for many workplace environments, including construction sites, warehouses, food production facilities, factories, laboratories, medical facilities, and more.

These plastic goggles are enclosed, to protect not only your eyes but your brow and the sides of your face.

They feature anti-fog vents for maximum visibility, and their adjustable strap can be tightly fastened at the side to prevent slippage, an ideal set of goggles for high-risk environments.

  • Safety Goggles: Double-sided Safety goggles can protect your eyes by preventing air bacteria, viruses, smog, harmful chemical, and dust from entering your eyes.
  • Anti-Fog: The surface of the lens has an anti-fog coating, which can effectively prevent the formation of water mist.
  • 360��O Full Protection: Soft rubber and nose bridge attach around the goggles, goof fit nose pads, 360��O full protection, and more fit and comfortable.
  • Vent Design: Adjustable vent design enhance air circulation, more comfortable to use.
  • High Transparent Lens: High lens transparency rate keep the clear vision, and impacts resistance as well.      

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