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A great addition to any healthcare facility or hospital. Our versatile workstation trolley is packed full of features and comes with all accessories included.



  • Display arm
  • Disinfectant Holder
  • Laptop box with lock & key (separate keys for each side)
  • Laptop sits inside laptop box underneath
  • worktop and connects to external screen
  • Gas Lift Handle for height adjustment
  • Slide keyboard holder
  • Pull-out mouse tray
  • Mouse holder
  • Printer tray
  • Twin wheel braked castors
  • Manual Gas Spring height adjustment


  • Length: 54cm
  • Width: 70cm
  • Height range: 119-142cm
  • Work surface height: 81-116cm
  • Work surface size: 53x48cm
  • Printer Tray Size: 51x68cm
  • Castors: 100mm twin wheel braked


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