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Flocare Infinity II and Flocare Infinity Plus Pumps are small, portable enteral feeding pumps offering maximum flexibility and mobility. Flocare Enteral Feeding Pumps are designed for controlling the delivery rate of enteral feeds into the gastrointestinal tract.


Flocare Infinity II Pump

  • One-way cassette that uses rotary peristaltic technology to prevent free flow of feed.
  • Close pack system
  • Automatic priming
  • Extensive alarm options (upstream and downstream occlusion detection, air bubble detection, battery capacity, end of dose).
  • Lightweight (392g)
  • Size: 144 x 105 x 50mm
  • Built in continuous dual memory of feeding program and volume delivered for easy programming.
  • Clear LED display
  • Flow rate 1-400ml/hr in 1ml increments.
  • Dose feature 1-4000ml in 1ml increments.
  • Lithium-ion battery 3.6V DC 2000 mAh, 6-hour charging time.
  • 24-hour battery life on full charge, at 125ml/hr.
  • Compatible with Flocare Infinity Feeding Sets.
  • Easy to clean, water resistant.
  • Access to hidden menu with ability to lock feeding regiment to prevent feeding rate or dose being altered; alarm on/off options; alarm volume options and LCD light on/off options.

Flocare Infinity Plus Pump

  • All Flocare Infinity II Pump features included
  • Additional function to enable bolus feeding at timed intervals.
    • Volume: 1-500ml (in 1ml increments)
    • Time intervals: 0.5-12 hours (in 30 minutes intervals)
    • Flow rate: 400ml/hr or 600ml/hr



Product Code

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Flocare Infinity II Pump



Flocare Infinity Plus Pump



Directions for Use:

  • Service check is required at least every 2 years.
  • See Nutricia’s ‘A step-by-step guide to setting up Nutricia’s ready to hang system’ for detailed directions for use.


  • Store in a clean, dry environment.
  • Protect from dust, rain, and direct sunlight.

More Questions:

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