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Product Description:

Epaderm Cream is an emollient formulated with clinicallyproven ingredients that can be used on the skin or as a skin cleanser. In a recent study, over 85% of healthcare professionals noticed an improvement of the dry skin and nearly 85% of patients had an improvement in the skin softness after four weeks of Epaderm Cream use.

By providing a film barrier, Epaderm Cream aids moisture retention within the skin. This product relieves dry skin symptoms by improving rough and scaly, dry skin.

Emollients are particularly helpful for people with dry skin, which is often the cause of widespread itch; they are especially effective if applied immediately after washing or swimming. Emollients can help to reduce the risk of skin tears. 


Product Benefits:

  • 97% of people who tried Epaderm Cream in a survey recommended it
  • Moisturises and softens the skin
  • Improves skin hydration in as early as two weeks
  • Suitable for all ages including babies
  • Epaderm Cream can be used on the skin or as a skin cleanser
  • Free from fragrances, steroids and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)


Areas of Use:

Epaderm Cream is used for the management of dry skin conditions, eczema and psoriasis. It is suitable for all ages, including babies.


More Information:



Box Quantity


25g 12


50g 6





More Questions:

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