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Product Description:

Mesorb is a highly absorbent cellulose pulp dressing with a core of cellulose pulp, fluid-repellent nonwoven backing and a polypropylene nonwoven wound contact layer. Mesorb is designed to absorb and retain large quantities of wound exudate within the cellulose pulp core. The nonwoven fluid-repellent backing prevents external contamination of the wound and protects clothes and bed linen from exudate strike-through. The polypropylene nonwoven wound contact layer will not absorb wound exudate, reducing adherence to the wound surface.


Areas of Use:

Mesorb is intended for use in moderate to heavily exuding wounds. Mesorb can be used as a primary dressing (directly on the wound), or as a secondary dressing where high absorbency is required.


More Information:



Box Quantity


10x13cm 50


13x15cm  50


10x23cm  50


15x23cm 50


23x25cm 30


23x30cm 30


More Questions:

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