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Product Description:

The Mölnlycke Tortoise Turning and Positioning System is designed to make it easier for you to move patients safely into position with less physical exertion – and it’s proven to reduce caregiver back injuries related to patient turning and repositioning.

The Tortoise system includes a positioning mat with a low-pressure air chamber designed to adapt to the patient by positive air displacement. The low-friction mat is fitted with ergonomic handles on both sides, so you and a colleague both maintain proper body mechanics as you turn the patient. Then, our ground-breaking Mölnlycke Z-Flo™ Fluidized Positioners can be molded to maintain the right therapeutic position – and this is as simple as you molding the fluidised positioner with your hands into the exact shape for each individual patient.


Product Benefits:

  • Can help reduce the incidence of pressure injuries and associated costs
  • Reinforced handles with an ergonomic grip to maintain proper body mechanics
  • Can be used to move patients into a prone position
  • May save money on specialty bed rental
  • Helps ease patient turning
  • Helps redistribute pressure over the patient’s sacrum and buttocks
  • Proven to reduce caregiver back injuries related to patient turning and repositioning


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