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Simple process that breaks the cycle In just three simple applications, each seven days apart, the formulation kills both the head lice and their eggs, breaking the life cycle.


  • Fast 10 Min treatment time.
  • Uses a powerful blend of essential oils rather than synthetic insecticides.
  • Pleasant-smelling and easy to use.
  • Comes With re-useable shower cap.

What It Does?

Kills head lice & eggs quickly


  • A quick fast acting 10 minute treatment.
  • Reusable shower cap included.
  • Breaks the head lice life cycle.
  • Specially formulated With a blend of natural essential oils.
  • Clinically proven.
  • If lice or more eggs appear after completing the third treatment, seek help from your health care professional.
  • All family members should be inspected and treated if necessary.

Common Uses:

Head lice

How To Use:

1. Use on dry hair. Be sure to cover eyes. 2. Divide hair into segments. Apply product behind the ears and neck first. Ten apply to remaining hair and scalp. Apply sufficient product to ensure hair and scalp are thoroughly wet. 3. Place shower cap on the head, ensuring all hair including the ears and the nape of the neck are covered by the cap. 4. Leave on hair for 10 minutes. 5. Remove shower cap, rinse hair and shampoo hair thoroughly. Rinse shower cap for reuse. IMPORTANT: Repeat steps 1-5, at seven and fourteen days after initial treatment.


Contains 24% v/v alcohol


Flammable. For external use only. Avoid eyes. If contact does occur, flush immediately With water. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your health professional before use on infants under 6 months. Sometimes a tingling sensation develops during use. This is usually mild and resolves quickly after product is rinsed from hair. If severe irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Storage & Disposal:

Store Below 25 Degrees Celsius

More Questions:

Still unsure if this product is right for your intended use? Get in contact with one of our Clinical Professionals via the contact us page.

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