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Spray it on and the bugs are gone! MOOV Insect Repellent Spray makes it easy to keep insects away. This highly effective formulation is simple to apply to the whole body and has a naturally refreshing fragrance.


  • The easy-to-use spray is ideal for covering large areas of the body.
  • No rubbing, mess-free application.
  • 3-hour protection against flies, sandflies, and mosquitoes.
  • Irritancy tested and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • The natural active ingredient is free of DEET and synthetic pesticides.

What Does It Do?

Highly effective against flies, sandflies, and mosquitos. Protection against mosquitos that carry Ross River Virus, Dengue Fever, and Malaria. 3-hour protection.


  • Natural active ingredient.
  • Specially formulated With a blend of natural effective plant oils.
  • Synthetic pesticide free.
  • Proven effective.
  • Suitable for children.
  • DEET free.
  • Moisturising.
  • Irritancy tested.
  • Patent pending.

Common Uses:

Repel insects

How To Use:

Apply to all exposed skin. Reapply after 3 hours, after swimming or toweling dry.


50mg/g Melaleuca oil.


Caution: Highly flammable. For external use only. Not to be applied to infants under 12 months of age unless on doctor's advice. Avoid eyes and lips. If irritation occurs, wash the affected area and discontinue use. Not to be used for any purpose, or in any manner contrary to this label, unless authorised. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a closed original container in a cool dry place. Dispose of the empty bottles in the garbage. First Aid: If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or the Poisons Information centre. Phone: Australia 131 126.

Storage & Disposal:

Store Below 25 Degrees Celsius

More Questions:

Still unsure if this product is right for your intended use? Get in contact with one of our Clinical Professionals via the contact us page.

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