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General Description:

Platinum Health Supply Group’s Range of  Surgical Gowns offers affordable and comfortable protection in all environments.

The COMPRO Surgical Gowns are available in both Standard and Reinforced depending on the level of protective barrier required in the operating environment and the surgical procedure involved. The Reinforced gown has a higher level of protection against fluid strike-through. It is achieved by reinforcing the Standard gown at critical areas of the gown with another fabric.  

The Standard gown fabric is made from Dupont’s SOFTESSE fabric, which is a blend of 55% wood pulp and 45% Dacron polyester. The weight of the fabric is 67.8g/m2. The SOFTESSE fabric is water-repellent. The color of the gown is blue.

The Reinforced gown is also made from the same fabric. The inside of the gown is reinforced with a 47gsm PE breathable composite film. The reinforcement is at critical areas of the gown, i.e. the inside of the sleeves and the inside front of the gown.

The seams along the sleeves of the gown are glued, not stitched. This construction confers upon the gown added protection against strikethrough because of the absence of holes from the stitching process.

Each unit pack of the gown consists of 1 gown and 2 nonwoven hand towels

Shelf life is 5 years from the month of manufacture.

Product Details

  • Sterile
  • AAMI Level 2
  • 2 x Low Linting Towels


Pack: 1 x Gown with towels

Carton: 20 x Packs Gowns with towels

If you are looking to purchase in bulk please contact us here.

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