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Don’t let incontinence stop you from living the life you want. TENA Men Premium Fit Protective Underwear Maxi for men feels like regular underwear, with a masculine cut and striped design, elastic waistband, and a breathable cotton-like feel. This men’s incontinence underwear has a discreet fit and Maxi level absorbency control for extra security against heavy urine surges. The Secure Absorption Zone  assures Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture. These pants feel like underwear, but protect like TENA. Stay confident and in control at work, in the gym, wherever you go and whatever you do.


Product Features:


Triple Protection:

Protection from leaks, odour and moisture.


Secure absorption zone:

Absorbent core upfront to lock in leaks.


Masculine and Discreet:

Masculine style, elastic waistband, discreet cut.


Secure Fit:

Breathable and flexible cotton feel material.


Dermatologically tested:

Material that is kind on the skin.


Size and Pack Info:



Fits hip sizes: 95-125cm

Consumer pack: 8

Packs per carton: 3




TENA Protects Program:

Step by step, we are reducing our carbon footprint by 50% by 2030, making a better mark on the planet. TENA has always been about protecting people, and it is our responsibility to protect the planet too.


Renewable electricity:

As one step on our journey of reducing carbon footprint, we use certified renewable electricity in the factories producing TENA.


Product Specification:


Absorbency Value


Hip Size Min

Hip Size Max











More Questions:

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