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TENA InstaDry Long Length Pads have been renamed to the InstaDry Extra Long Length Pads.


Our InstaDry Pads are our fastest absorbing incontinence pad. Designed with our patented InstaDry zone, to instantly lock liquid away to keep you dry and protected. Ideal for those with moderate to heavy urge incontinence, who want additional security and protection from bladder leaks.


Product Features:


Triple Protection:

Features TENA Triple Protection against leaks, odour and moisture.

Instant absorbtion with instaDry zone:

Patented InstaDry technology quickly absorbs liquid deep into the pad and protects against bladder leakage.


Odour control:

Fresh Odour Control to stop odours and keep you fresh throughout the day.


Asymmetrical 3D fit:

Asymmetrical shaped core offers a 3D fit which contours to the body for greater comfort, fit and security.


Size and Pack Info:


Consumer pack: 6

Packs per carton: 6


Product Specification:


Absorbency Value










More Questions:

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