Our Mission

Platinum Health Supply Group has partnered with one of Australia's largest charitable foundations; Starlight Children's Foundation.

Our aim is to support seriously ill children and their families over the next 18 months.

We believe that through this partnership we will be able to help kids of all ages regardless of disability, injury or illness because what happens in childhood lasts a lifetime.

LULU's Story

10 year old Lulu has the strength, courage and bravery of a mini super-hero.

When you give to Starlight you are helping families go through their worst nightmare. You help bring normality back into their tumultuous worlds.

"Starlight doesn't just help the children, but also the families of sick kids. They give kids in hospital something to look forward to - the light that's taken away by disease. Often, when kids are sick they're robbed of their happiness and Starlight helps bring that back."

-Lulu's mum, Jodi

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