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ABENA San is our premium range of anatomically shaped pads.

Sizes 1-4 are designed for light to moderate incontinence and have an adhesive release taps. Sizes 5-11 are designed for moderate to heavy incontinence and should always be used with special fixation underwear like the Abri-Fix or well fitted underwear to ensure a close fit to reduce the risk of leakage.

The two-piece system of a fixation pant and an incontinence pad are a cost-effective solution that uses less materials, has less impact on the environment and increases quality of life.

Abena San Features:

  • 100% breathability
  • Optimal leakage protection due to soft and reliable leakage barriers that extend right to the edge
  • Top-Dry Technology that provides rapid absorption and a dry surface
  • Excellent absorption provided by long cellulose fibres, super absorbents and an additional core in the centre
  • 360 degree leakage protection
  • Soft and noiseless
  • Latex-free and non-chlorine bleached
  • Wetness indicator graduation scale guides

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