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The CARDIACT GO is a portable and reliable AED device that enables remote monitoring and management of cardiac emergencies through its built-in AED Software management platform (requires an annual fee of $100 for AIVIA monitoring). Its optical sensor provides real-time updates and alerts for any incidents, events, or malfunctions.

The device is battery-operated and equipped with wireless communication capabilities via 4G and a SIM card, ensuring it’s always available when needed. CARDIACT GO also provides helpful features for non-medical responders, such as an integrated hands-free phone for direct communication with emergency services, GPS tracking, and three visible LEDs for different functions.

It remains an efficient solution for rapid response to cardiac emergencies, especially in remote or challenging environments. With the CARDIACT GO, responders can quickly and effectively provide life-saving interventions to patients experiencing cardiac emergencies.

  • Wireless communication via 4G (requires $100 AIVIA subscription + SIM card)
  • Automatic routing of data via SMS/email
  • GPS tracking
  • Emergency calling button for hands-free phone communication
  • SIM card integrated for wireless data and voice communication
  • Optical sensor for remote monitoring
  • 3 visible LEDs indicating different functions
  • Battery type: 1 Lithium Type C 3.6V 5.5Ah
  • Battery life: up to 24 months autonomy


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