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Product Description:

The MIC-KEY* Continuous Feed Extension Set with ENFit® Connectors is indicated for patients who require low-profile Gastrostomy, Jejunal, and Gastric-jejunal Feeding Tubes. It is intended to be used with the MIC-KEY* Low-Profile Gastrostomy, Jejunal, and Gastric-Jejunal Feeding Tubes.

These non-sterile, reusable feeding tube extension sets are made with natural rubber latex-free materials and are compatible with any of the MIC-KEY* feeding tubes.

Users can choose between 12inch (30.5cm) extensions and 24inches (60.9cm). Each set includes 2 connectors, one is a 2 port “Y” that connects to the nutrition and / or medication source and the other is the Right Angle lock-and-key style connection.


Product Features:

  • Non-sterile
  • Natural rubber latex-free
  • Reusable, single patient
  • 2 Port “Y”, Medication Port
  • Right Angle Connector
  • Tubing clamp
  • DEHP-free formulation
  • ENFit® Connectors


More Questions:

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